Ultra Wide Band Anchor Placement Procedure

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Getting Started

The first thing to do is set up your Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Anchors in the real world. The anchors can be placed anywhere you need, but here are a few tips for their placement:

  • Use choke-points. Placing an anchor at a choke-point will help to make sure users get good ranges to it as they walk past.
  • Space out your anchors. Spacing out your anchors will help you get ranges over a larger area.
  • Place anchors about hip level.  Because we recommend that tracking units be worn on your belt or mounted to your torso, placing anchors about hip level will minimize vertical distances when ranging between anchor and tracking unit.
  • Place anchors near a power source. If you intend to leave the anchor for an extended period of time, you can plug them in so that you don’t have to recharge them between uses.
  • Use identifiable locations. When adding the anchor in NEON Command, you will need to know exactly where the anchor is placed. This is much easier if the anchor is placed on a recognizable floor plan feature like a corner or a doorway.
  • Make sure the anchors are firmly placed. Once the anchor is set in place, they should not move. If an anchor is moved, NEON could solve your location incorrectly. If an anchor does need to be moved after you place it, just be sure to update its position in NEON Command.

NEON Command

Now that your anchors have been placed in the real world, you need to tell NEON Command where they are. Below is a short process to do this:

  1. Sign into your account in NEON Command, then select the building where you will be placing the UWB anchors.
  2. In the References side tab on the left, click “Add”.


  3. Set the Type as “Multi-sensor Anchor” and set the ID as the serial number of the UWB Anchor you are adding. You can do this for each anchor at this time. Once the anchor is added as a reference it should appear in the side bar with a yellow icon.


  4. Now that you have all of the references created, you need to set their location in the building. Make sure you have the correct building and floor selected, then click and drag each anchor from the side bar to its appropriate position on the map. Once a reference has a location, its icon will become green. Try to be as accurate as possible to track better in the future.



Now that your anchors are placed in the real world and in NEON Command, you are ready to track. On your Android device, open NEON Personnel Tracker and log into your subscription.  If you were already logged in, you may need to sync your data to see the new references (push cloud icon at the top to sync). Now that your device is synced, you should see your “Multi-sensor anchor” icons on your map. Now go ahead and start up your UWB tracking unit, attach it to your belt, and go. As you walk near the UWB anchors you should see your location correct.


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