Why do some of the colored dots appear gray and read "No Signal Information"?


When you open a signal map in Neon Command you may notice gray colored dots, and when you click on them they read out "No Signal Data Available". This will happen if the location accuracy at the moment that the signal was detected was outside of the acceptable bounds (Signal Mapper buzzes and asks you to check in again), or if there was no signal taken at that time. 

By default, we only assign a color to signals taken when location error bounds are within 10 meters and the location heading error is within 90 degrees. This setting can be changed in the preferences screen. 

To change this setting:

  1. Open the preferences screen. Edit > Preferences. 
  2. Select the "Signal Mapper" tab. 
  3. Find the section titled "Do Not Show Measurement If:" 
  4. Adjust setting for "Heading Error (degrees) is greater than:" 
  5. Click on apply to make the changes. 
  6. Select signals and generate the heat map. You should see colors for more dots now. You can go back and make another adjustment if you still do not see the colored dot and signal readings. 


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