Can the tracking unit be connected to multiple apps at the same time? If so, do they share data?

If you have two NEON apps running on your Android device you may wonder which app NEON will connect to, and whether or not it will connect to both. 
The tracker connects to a particular android Service within the Neon Personnel Tracker application.  The Neon API is a set of aidl bindings that allow your app to communicate with this service.  Through these bindings, you can bring the service into existence with a call to Neon.bind().  You can register listeners for various events, such as range and motion level updates.  You can also register a listener for location updates, specifying whether you want just the current location or the entire path.  
Since the android Service communicating with the tracker is a singleton, all users of the Neon API, including the Neon Personnel Tracker UI and your application will share data.  
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