License Management


NEON licenses are managed by account administrators through the customer portal at Licenses are issued per device, and each subscription will be allocated a certain number of licenses for the Command Station and for the Android App depending on what was purchased.

Each licensed device is given a friendly name, also known as a node ID, in the form of "random-words-####". The friendly name of your device can be found on the about screen in the Android Apps and Neon Command respectively.


If you run out of available licenses, you will see the following message on Android and Neon Command respectively. 

Screenshot_20180416-113008.png NoLicense.png


Manage Licenses:

  1. Log into with you administrator account.

  2. Click on your email address in the upper right corner and select "Subscription Details"


  3. Click on "Licensed Handhelds" and "Licensed Command Stations" to expand them.


  4. Click on "Deactivate".


  5. You can now log on with a new device.








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