Offline Buildings

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The offline building feature allows the user to export the building outline and floor plans from Neon Command and upload it to the Android device without using the cloud service. You must have the feature enabled on in your subscription to prevent the building from syncing with the cloud. If you are unsure if this feature is enabled in your subscription, please contact your sales representative. The following instructions outline how to use this feature. 


  1. Click on Tools > Create Building and sketch out the building outline. Add floors and floor plans. All of this will remain local on your machine. When you are done, click on the save button, and you will be asked whether you want to make this building private or offline. Select offline. A secure (offline) building will be outlined in red in 2D on NEON Command and Android and everything associated with that building will remain local.


  2. Once you have created your building, select it and export it to a .maps file with File -> Export -> Default Mapping Package (Selected Building). 


  3. Now plug in your Android via USB and go to the top level directory for your phone. You should see folders such as "Downloads" and "DCIM". Create a folder called "TRXMaps" and copy the .maps file you created inside it. Then start up Signal Mapper - you may see a brief "Importing Maps" dialog and then your secure building should be loaded. 



  4. You can now track normally, but use the "Store" option to store your completed signal maps on the phone. You can then manually transfer the .sigmap files to your PC and load them with the File -> Open -> File option. 


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