Digital Audio Quality (DAQ) Testing


Users now have the capability to perform digital audio quality (DAQ) tests and output a geo-referenced heat map. 

There is a now a settings option to enable DAQ. When enabled, a button appears on the map screen that says "DAQ" that you can press while you are mapping. The button allows you to enter DAQ 1-5. You will then be able to view the DAQ signal on the Command Station and an additional .csv file will be exported with the locations and DAQ values. 

Follow these steps to enable DAQ: 

  1. Start up NEON Signal Mapper and log in. 

  2. Open the NEON Signal Mapper Settings from the drop down menu and select DAQ from 'Filter Options'. Hit the back button to return to the map screen. The DAQ button will be grayed out until you initialize. 

                           Settings.png    GrayedOut.png           
  3. Initialize and start mapping in order to enable the DAQ button. Once enabled press the button, make your DAQ measurement and record it.

                           Init.png     DAQ_Scale.png   

  4. When you are finished taking measurements press the stop button and upload your signal map. 

  5. Open the signal map using the NEON Command software and generate a heat map or export the data.


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