Site Survey Questionnaire


How many buildings? Please provide a map and circle the buildings. Please fill out all of the questions below for each building.

  1. What is the address?

  2. How many square meters?

  3. How many floors are there above ground? How many floors underground?

              a. Are any floors more than 4 meters tall? If so, which ones?

  1. How do the floor names appear in the elevator?

              a. Is there a floor 13?

              b. What is the first floor called? Lobby, Ground...?

  2. Are there floor plans available?

              a. Who is the POC to retrieve them? 

              b. Can the floor plans be stored on the cloud?

  3. Are we tracking in the whole building, or just part of the building? Please indicate parts of the building that we are tracking in.

              a. Do we need to be able to track on the roof?

              b. Where are the break areas? 

              c. Which areas of the buildings will be occupied the most? 

  4. Can we place beacons in the building? 

              a. Who do we need to contact to place beacons (building owner, security)?

              b. What is the beacon placement protocol? Are any areas off limits? Do we need to label the                beacons? 

              c. What type of surface will the beacons be attached to? 

  5. Are there awnings or sky lights indoors?

  6. Are there any GPS repeaters owned by anyone in the building?


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