Ultra Wide Band Sharing Guide


NEON ultra wide band (UWB) tracking units have the ability to share user corrections, location data, and GPS data with other UWB tracking units on the same channel. User corrections will always be shared when using UWB units. The sharing of location data and GPS can now be configured in the UWB Settings menu.




This menu will only be accessible when a UWB tracking unit is connected in Personnel Tracker. This menu allows the configuration of the data being shared, the channel over which the data is shared, and the share interval.


Sharing Type

The Sharing Type option can be set to either GPS, Locations, and None. Selecting GPS will share the latest GPS signal received on the device. Setting this option to Locations will share the current location. A Sharing Type of None will not automatically share any data, but manual correction still will be shared.


Share Channel

Users on a given channel will be able to share data between other users on that same channel. Only users on the same channel will be able to share all data and manual corrections.


Share Interval

The Share Interval is the number of seconds before the next GPS or Location data is sent. The default for this interval is 5 seconds, with a minimum of 2 seconds.


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