Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Location Sharing


Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Location Sharing

Development Stage: Alpha

UWB Tracking Units now support a feature that allows location data and constraints to be shared with other nearby UWB Tracking Units. This feature was designed to improve the location accuracy of groups of users tracking together.

This feature is targeted for the use case where one user in a group is designated as the "navigator" and only this user enables the location sharing feature. If everyone is configured with location sharing turned on, then no one is listening and therefore there is no sharing. The "navigator" is responsible for maintaining an accurate location that can be shared with other nearby users. If the "navigator" has a poor location, it may affect the accuracy of the entire group. It is expected that all users start out with a good NEON initialization and then may proceed into an area without infrastructure (GPS, anchors, etc.). The location sharing feature helps the group to maintain better location accuracy while in an area without infrastructure.

The person with location sharing turned on will use more battery because that Tracking Unit is constantly sending data over UWB. 

UWB location sharing can be configured using the settings page in the Personnel Tracker app.

  • Sharing Type
    • None: Manual check-ins are shared.
    • GPS: Manual check-ins and current GPS location are shared.
  • Share Channel
    • The channel provides for multiple groups of users in the same location to share manual check-ins, GPS or NEON locations with other users on the same channel.
  • Share Interval
    • The sharing interval represents the how often GPS or NEON locations are shared. This setting does not affect manual check-ins.




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