Grid Testing Example - DAQ


The instructions below outline how to use the Grid Testing Feature using DAQ measurements. Grid testing can also be performed with BLE, WiFi, LTE, and third party signals. 


On Android

  1. Set Filter Type to DAQ in the settings menu. 


  2. Enable grid testing. Set the pass/fail threshold and number of measurements required in grid for DAQ. 


  3. Initialize your location by checking in twice with about 10 meters in between each check in. Press play. The DAQ button will now be enabled. 

  4. Walk to each grid and make a DAQ measurement by tapping on the DAQ button and selecting a value. 

              Screenshot_20171228-172110.png       Android_Grids.png     

  5. Upload the log. 

On Neon Command

  1. Navigate to Edit > Preferences and select the Signal Mapper tab, then enable grid testing. Set the grid testing options as desired. 


  2. Open the signal map log. 


  3. Select the DAQ signal type from the Signal Map sidebar. 


  4. Select the signal and generate map. 


  5. Click on a grid to view stats. 


  6. Generate the grid testing report. 


  7. View the grid testing report. 



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