The TRX NEON Location Service delivers location and context for personnel operating indoors and underground where GPS is unavailable, in urban areas where GPS is unreliable, and in locations where GPS is intentionally jammed. Wearing NEON Tracking Accessories, personnel can be located in real time in both 2D and 3D. Key features of the Location Service include:

  • GPS-Denied 3D Location. Android Location Services API delivers 3D location (X, Y, Z), error bounds, and user context.
  • FeatureSLAMTM Mapping. Navigation maps made by fusing discovered structural, RF, and magnetic information.
  • Rapid 3D Map Creation. Simple tool supports rapid creation of 3D building maps.
  • Sensor Integration. Powerful location platform allows ingest of user corrections and external constraints from a wide variety of sensors.

The NEON software fuses gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure, compass, GPS, Wi-Fi, and ranging sensor information along with inferred map and building data to deliver reliable 3D location, to identify user context, and to support identification of user stance and actions. Ranging between personnel and dropped nodes may be used for initialization of location and to enhance precision. The NEON API allows receipt of location constraints from user or partner applications, and provides 3D location and error bound information.




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