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This article will guide you through the process of adding a floor plan image to your building model using the Neon Tracker Command Application. The floor plan must be in one of the following formats: PNG or JPEG. If your floor plan is not in one of those formats then please refer to the Advanced Building Editing article. 

This article will continue to use the Wisconsin State Fire Chief's Association 2014 at the Wisconsin center as an example throughout this article.

Begin Edit

  1. Select the Building Outline
  2. Click on Begin Edit
  3. Right click the building outline and select Floor Plan

Select the Floor Plan

  1. Click on the Floor Plan button
  2. Select the floor plan file that matches the selected floor in the elevation sidebar

Scale and rotate the floor plan to match the the building

  1. Select the floor plan for editing
  2. Scale and rotate the floor plan
    • For Example:

Place control points to match the floor plan up with the building model

  1. Select the control point tool
  2. Click on the building then click on the floor plan
    • For Example:
  3. Add more control points
  4. Press enter

Use the Measurement tool to make sure the floor plan is scaled correctly.

Some floor plans have dimensions written on them. If you see dimensions written on your floor plan then continue with this step.

Press the 'Esc' button then repeat the above steps for the remaining floor plans.

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