Updating the Tracking Unit Firmware


Every new release of NEON includes an update for the Tracking Unit firmware. Usually, the update is minor changes or bug fixes. Sometimes, the update has much larger and more important changes. It is always recommended that your tracking unit is updated when you update your NEON application. The firmware should be updated in the app, but can also be done from a computer with support from TRX Systems.

Firmware Update - In App

Updating the firmware in the app is designed to be as easy as possible and usually takes less than a minute. Follow the short instructions below to update your Tracking Unit's firmware.

  1. Open your NEON app, and connect your Tracking Unit. Once it is connected, tap the blue banner displayed in the visualizer.


  2. On the next screen, tap install and wait for the transfer to complete.

    Screenshot_20180501-165204-2.png Screenshot_20180501-165225-2.png

  3. Once the transfer is complete, press "Done" and you're ready to track. 


NOTE: If your tracking unit is plugged into USB during the transfer, it will be turned off once the transfer is complete, and the top LED will blink purple. Once it stops blinking, you can turn it on.


Firmware Update - Manually from a PC

This method of updating your firmware is not standard and cannot be completed without the help of TRX Systems. Unless you have already spoken with TRX Systems about this, please use your NEON app to update your tracking unit firmware.

What you will need

  • NEON Tracking Unit
  • A USB to Micro USB cable
  • The .cry firmware file
  • A PC with our USB driver


  1. Turn off your NEON Tracking Unit and connect it to a PC using a micro-USB to USB cable.
  2. When you plug in the Tracking Unit, the top LED will blink purple for 2 seconds. While it is blinking, press the power button to activate the bootloader mode. The top LED will then stop blinking.
  3. Microsoft Windows will display the AutoPlay window for BOOTLOADER (G:). Select "Open folder to view files."

  4. Copy and paste the .cry file into the BOOTLOADER (G.) folder. The top LED will blink purple as the firmware is loaded onto the Tracking Unit.

  5. Once the firmware upgrade is complete the NEON Tracking Unit's top LED will be solid green. You can now unplug the tracking unit and begin tracking.
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