Glossary of Terms


Android - The operating system that Neon Signal Mapper and Neon Location Service run on.

Building - An entity consisting of a building outline, floors, and floor plans.

Building Outline - A polygon that describes the perimeter of a building. Building outlines are easily created with Neon Command Station.

Check-in - A manual location correction provided by the user during signal mapping initialization and periodically when the location estimate loses accuracy.

Download - Any downloadable file associated with Neon. Download availability varies between subscriptions.

Floor - Floors are associated with buildings and are used to provide an intuitive measure of elevation within a building.

Floor plan - The image file associated with a specific floor of a building which specifies the layout of the floor.

Neon - A prefix for the Neon system suite.

Neon Android Application - Any program interfacing with Neon that is run on an Android device.

Neon Command - The PC executable on which the user creates building outlines, views live locations, and views signal maps.

Neon Gmail Account - The account associated with you subscription. It is used to synchronize data between Neon Command and Neon Signal Mapper.

Neon Location Service - The Android background service that provides location to the Neon API and all other Neon peripherals.

Neon Signal Mapper - The Android user interface used for mapping signals such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and Cell inside of buildings. 

Neon Tracking Unit - The wearable device used for tracking that connects to your Android phone. This is also referred to as: Tracker, Tracking Accessory, Tracking Device, TU, INU.

PC - The windows computer that runs the Neon Command application.

Phone - The Android phone which pairs with the Neon Tracking Unit over Bluetooth and runs Neon Location Service.

Subscription - The subscription associated with your Neon account.

TRX Systems - The company that develops Neon.








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