Personnel Tracker Release Notes

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Neon Personnel Tracker Release Notes

Current Official Release:

Last updated on August 8, 2017


NEON Command

  • New Feature: 3D visualizer now includes a sky background.
  • Improved building editor by adding the ability to toggle layers while editing a building.
  • Improved building editor by allowing edits during a live tracking session.
  • Improved building editor by no longer requiring the user to specify large or small floor types.
  • Bug fixes.

Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Improved the recording icon by making it more standard.
  • Improved the about screen by adding the tracking unit firmware version.
  • Fixed rare bug causing infrequent elevation jumps.
  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.

NEON Command

  • Fixed bug where floor plan disappeared when editing the building outline.
  • Bug fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • New Feature: Added mapper status bar including, position status, mapping timer, and last feature.
  • New Feature: Recent path points are now updated with elevation corrections fixing real time anomalies.
  • Improved initialization instructions and prompts.
  • Improved check ins by lowering the amount of time between a user check in and the display of path corrections.
  • Big fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.

NEON Command

  • Improved building editor by adding the ability to delete a building while in an edit session.
  • Bug fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.

NEON Command

  • New Feature: Zooming in 2D now zooms to the cursor location instead of center screen.
  • Improved building creation by automatically displaying the building details window after outline completion.
  • Improved building editor state change visualization.
  • Bug Fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.

NEON Command

  • Improved the control points editor by adding the ability to pan and zoom.
  • Improved the work flow of the control points editor by adding additional dialogs.
  • Improved the work flow of the building editor by disabling unnecessary file menu options.
  • Improved Personnel Sidebar adding floor indication for users in multiple buildings.
  • Bug fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • New Feature: The Mapper App will now ask you to verify floor transitions, improving 3D tracking accuracy.
  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Bug fixes.

NEON Command

  • New Feature: Unselected buildings are now semi-transparent.
  • Improved building editor by making building outlines more transparent during editing sessions.
  • Bug fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • App now ensures matching tracking unit firmware and will allow upgrade or downgrade if necessary.
  • Fixed a rare bug where NEON incorrectly reports that the user is indoors when using a Nexus 5.
  • Bug Fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Improved robustness when connecting a tracking unit via USB.
  • Bug Fixes.

NEON Command

  • Path and avatar are now overlaid on top of unselected buildings.
  • Fixed bug causing older sections of a historical path to be hidden in certain circumstances.
  • Bug Fixes.


Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Improved time to navigation lock and ability to maintain a navigation lock.
  • Bug Fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Fixed bug where compass data was not interpreted properly in certain circumstances.
  • Bug Fixes.

NEON Command

  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Bug Fixes.


NEON Command

  • Completely rewritten and provides a new innovative look with improved responsiveness.
  • Support for high resolution monitors allows for operation on latest versions of laptops, tablets, and all-in-ones.
  • Enhanced right-click menus and hot keys allow experienced users to operate NEON Command more efficiently.
  • Improved dialog for easier downloading of tracking history.
  • Simplified on screen map controls.
  • Completely reorganized menu, changing from a ribbon to a standard file menu. Options have been grouped together and simplified for greater usability.
  • Base map selection and layers menus are now directly on top of the visualizer and more readily accessible.
  • Building editor toolbar is now docked under the menu bar rather than floating.
  • Personnel sidebar allows for easier toggling and indication of paths/error bounds.
  • Building level selector is now shown directly on the visualizer when a building is selected.
  • When opening files saved on the NEON Cloud, they are no longer automatically saved to the My Documents folder. Files can be saved using the Save As option in the file menu.
  • Serial number, Android battery level, and tracking unit battery level are now available in the personnel sidebar.
  • Bug fixes.

Personnel Tracker & Mapper

  • Fixed a firewall rule where some IPs were blocked inadvertently causing loss of real time location on NEON Command.
  • Fixed a bug causing occasional failed firmware updates.
  • Bug fixes.

Tracking Unit

  • Improved run time calibration.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Android - Improved initial heading.
  • Tracking Unit - Fixed firmware download issues.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • Android - Improved navigation constraints. This results in smaller error bounds and requires less frequent user corrections.
  • All - Bug Fixes.


  • All - Changed default base map provider from HERE to ESRI. Note that offline map caches containing HERE tiles will not be used after the upgrade.
  • Android - Improved path error modeling. This results in more accurate error bounds over a longer period of time.
  • Android - New Feature: Added a map coverage overlay indicating usable feature density in NEON Mapper. Structural features such as stairwells and elevators are not included in this version.
  • Tracking Unit - Improved ranging to nearby UWB anchors.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • Android - Improved automatic sensor calibration.
  • Android - Added ability to show battery level of BLE beacons when available.
  • Android - Fixed rare bug where cloud connectivity was lost after tracking for 8+ hours.
  • Tracking Unit - In rare failure modes the tracking unit will now automatically restart.
  • All - Bug Fixes.


  • Android & PC - New Feature: Now support Eddystone beacons.
  • PC - New Feature: Added personnel labels to 3D view and improved display in 2D.
  • All - Bug Fixes.


  • Tracking Unit - Improved battery life on UWB trackers. This version is not compatible with previous versions. All tracking units and anchors must be running the same version.
  • Web - Fixed a rare bug where building elevation models were not stored.
  • Tracking Unit - Fixed a rare bug where the tracking unit would display an error state and require a hard reset.
  • All - Bug Fixes.


  • Tracking Unit - Improved step detection.
  • Web - Optimized feature processing and storage.
  • All - Bug Fixes.


  • Android - Improved tracking in stairwells.
  • Android - User check in now automatically selects the building.
  • PC - New Feature: Added ability to mark locations on the map when editing a building. This can be used to align floor plans on multiple floors.
  • Web - Improved the user account and subscription web page.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • Android - Improved tracking when transitioning between outside and inside.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • PC - Creating a building with latitude and longitude now centers on the building site.
  • Android - Improved tracking on escalators.
  • Android - New feature allows user to choose base maps.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • Android - New feature allows user to rotate map using standard gestures.
  • Android - Added status when pressing the synchronization button.
  • PC - Added software update download progress status with ability to cancel download.
  • All - Improved download speed for application updates.
  • Android - Improved user avatar making current user more prominent.
  • Android - Added visualization of heading error around avatar.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • PC - Path export now asks user for save location and bundles all paths in a single zip file.
  • PC - Improved display of historical paths.
  • Android - Improved tracking near buildings when error bound is large.
  • PC - Fixed bug where Neon Command ran slowly when it was not connected to the internet.
  • Android - Fixed bug where Neon failed to update in Android 7.0. Users with Neon versions before this release will need to manually download the update from the website.
  • All - Bug Fixes


  • Android - Improved stairwell feature matching.
  • Android - Improved Neon UI Settings (name and color more easily accessible).
  • Android - When logging in with a Google account the user will always see the account selector and be able to select a different account if necessary.
  • Tracking Unit - Fixed bug causing infrequent Bluetooth errors.
  • Tracking Unit - Added automatic calibration when charging.
  • PC - Fixed bug where outdoor references could be set with an invalid location.


  • Android - Improved bug reporting dialog usability.
  • API - Added new API indicating navigation lock status.
  • All - Bug fixes.


  • Neon Command - Added enhanced building outline creation tool. Can now enter a set of lat, long coordinates to create a building outline.
  • All - Bug fixes


  • Neon Command - Added camera animations when searching for a building or centering on a user.
  • Signal Mapper - Added "Check for Updates" button.


  • Personnel Tracker - Neon Location Service and Neon Mapper are now bundled into Neon Personnel Tracker. The software will ask you to remove the old packages when you upgrade from 7.1- When installing on a new device, you should only download Neon Personnel Tracker.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Updated INU connection status, check in, cloud synchronization, and search icons.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Added connection status banners and removed status icons from sidebar.
  • Neon Command - Updated building editor to include floor labels, building name, and simplified interface.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Improved heading estimation.
  • Neon Command - Improved performance when viewing many buildings simultaneously.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Fixed bug in Personnel Tracker due to memory leaks.
  • Neon API - Added API keys for login.
  • Neon API - All app bundles are compatible with Neon API.


  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Added notification banner indicating offline mode.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Added map overlay indicating tracking unit connection status.
  • Neon Command - Added visualization of trails while viewing real time data.
  • Neon API - Added enhanced options for manual corrections, ranging, and external GPS constraints.
  • Neon API - Added event indicating navigation engine re-initialization.
  • Neon Command - Improved ability to geo-reference floor plans using control points in the building editor.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker & Neon Mapper - Improved performance when viewing many buildings simultaneously.
  • Tracking Unit - Fixed error causing incorrect reporting of battery percentage.


  • Neon Mapper and Neon Personnel Tracker - Improved detection and tracking on stairs.
  • Neon Command - Added a "Check for Update" button.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker - Improved Wi-Fi constraints for elevation.
  • Neon Mapper - Fixed bug where Mapper log was ended early due to Bluetooth disconnection.
  • Neon Mapper - Fixed bug where Mapper log failed to upload.


  • [All] - Bug fixes


  • Neon Command - Improved path visualization by applying historical location corrections.
  • Neon Mapper - When uploading feature maps the user can now tap the cloud icon to view pending uploads.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - Buildings can now be selected with a tap in addition to a long press.
  • Neon Command - Moved the search bar from the top right to the top left of the map view.
  • Neon API - If registering for NeonLocationType.CORRECTED location updates, Neon will now provide significantly more historical NeonLocation updates.


  • Neon Command - Search now supports business names and venues in addition to addresses.
  • Neon Command - Added notification near login status indicating maintenance window.
  • Website - Added banner notification indicating upcoming and ongoing maintenance window.
  • Tracking Unit - Improved detection of tracking unit mounting location (especially when wearing the tracking unit on your back).
  • Neon Mapper - Added ability to ignore update request for 12 hours.
  • Neon Mapper - Minimized bandwidth used when uploading feature maps.
  • Neon Mapper - Added an upload icon in the upper right corner of the screen indicating upload in progress.


  • Neon Location Service - Added navigation constraints for Wi-Fi.
  • Neon Command - Improved elevation display.
  • Neon Mapper - Improved feature map upload and download.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - The floor plan of the first floor is displayed grayed out when a building is not selected.
  • Neon Mapper - Improved usability by providing more information when a feature is detected.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - Improved firmware download notifications.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - Added notifications during maintenance window.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - Added an error bound to user check ins.


  • Neon Location Service - Improved navigation constraints when transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Neon Location Service - Added navigation constraints for building entrances.
  • Website - Improved layout and usability of website.


  • Neon Command - Added ability to import floor plans up to 15 MB.
  • Personnel Tracker - "Follow-me" now keeps state after check-in in Personnel Tracker.
  • Neon Mapper - Added detection of building entrances.
  • Personnel Tracker - Corrects user's location to detected building entrances.
  • Website - Displays the user's last log in time.
  • Neon Mapper - Added ability to initialize outside.


  • All - Backwards compatible.
  • All - Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Neon Command - Display of mapped features when viewing mapper logs.
  • Neon Mapper - Displays a toast when a building feature is detected.
  • Neon Mapper - Supports placing NFC tags with "touch scan" function.


  • Neon Mapper - Now allow placed BLE beacons with "touch scan".
  • Neon Command - Logs are now saved on the cloud for 90 days.
  • Neon Mapper & Personnel Tracker - Updated the look and feel of the user interface.


  • Neon Location Service - Now use any TRX anchor as a pressure reference. The pressure reference will filter out environmental pressure changes to improve elevation accuracy.
  • Neon Location Service - Improved stair detection for all mounting locations.
  • Neon Location Service - Optimized the navigation engine to run 20% faster.
  • Neon Website - Improved the customer admin website. Now better looking and easier to use.
  • Neon API - Added support for remote ranges, battery level, and safety alerts.
  • Neon Command - Removed the connectivity icon
  • Neon Command - Added a network diagnostics tool. You can find this tool by clicking on the ‘N’ in the upper left corner of Neon Command.
  • Neon Command - Improved open/save dialogs
  • Neon Mapper - Added automatic mapping of NFC tags
  • All - The avatar size is now more consistent across devices.


  • Neon Location Service - Android application provides 3D location based on data from sensors in the Tracking Unit.
  • Neon Location Service - Support for indoor and outdoor.
  • Neon Location Service - Users may manually initialize via Android UI check-ins.
  • Neon Location Service - Automatic corrections via Bluetooth Low Energy ranging from our accessory to our anchor and to select other anchors.
  • Neon Location Service - Mapping of Bluetooth Low Energy for initialization and location corrections (TRX and 3rd Party applications)
  • Neon Location Service - API for output of X, Y, and Z to 3rd party apps
  • Neon Mapper App - Pre-map of stairwells, elevators and other building features to correct position and improve accuracy.
  • Neon Personnel Tracker App - The user interface is optimized for the personnel tracking application
  • Neon Command - Provides map editor tool and 3D visualizer for real-time location and after-action review of tracks.
  • Neon Command - Supports location configuration for NFC device for check-ins.
  • Neon Command - Supports location configuration for Bluetooth Low Energy beacons
  • Neon Command - Track visualization with dots or constant line (user option)
  • Tracking Unit - Mounting flexibility. It can be mounted anywhere on the core.
  • Tracking Unit - 8 hour battery life
  • All - Automatic Upgrades of all software and firmware after install of 7.0
  • All - Simultaneous tracking of 30+ persons


  • Physically moving BLE beacons after you map their location with Neon Mapper is not supported and will cause location errors. They must be mapped again using Neon Mapper.
  • Recommended placement of BLE beacons at the building entrance/exit for accurate elevation when tracking indoors and outdoors.

Known Issues

  • The default android browser on certain phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active) will fail to install APKs downloaded from the NEON website. To workaround this issue, open the download website with another File Explorer or browser (such as Chrome).
  • Automatic Updates may fail if running Neon in a virtual machine such as VMware on Mac OS X.
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