Pair the Tracking Unit with the Phone and Map


Before you can go further you need to wait for the software to connect to the server and pair the tracking unit and the phone. Pair the tracking unit by touching the back of the phone to the tracker. If the NFC tag on the phone and tracker are not aligned, this will not work. Alternatively, you can manually pair the tracker and phone through the phone's Bluetooth settings.



Now we need to make sure you get a location lock in the system. Do this by checking in. The software will notify you when you have a location lock by prompting you to start mapping.


This video shows a user getting a location lock and then mapping TRX beacons by touching the phone to the beacon.



 Now, we can go ahead and map additional TRX Beacons.You will want to set up beacons based on your Personnel Tracker use case.



 Next, you may optionally map third party iBeacons. The use and placement of iBeacons is dependent on your Personnel Tracker use case.



 Next, you will map the stairs and elevators in your building. You should walk all of the stairs and elevators in your building.



Now that you have mapped all of the features in your building, it is time to look at the features that were accepted onto the server. You can do so by selecting your building, and pressing the information button. It may take a second or two to pull the information down from the cloud.



 Now, you should see a count of all of the beacons, stairs, and elevators that you walked and submitted.


If you do not see all of the features that you walked in the building info list, then look at this advanced mapper article.



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