Software Installation and Log In


First things first, you need to register your email address.



You are now a registered user an can log in to the website to access software downloads, invite users, download and install Neon Command.



Next, you will log in to Neon Command to gain access to our cloud storage. We store building models, reference locations, and user locations in the cloud.


Now that you are logged into Neon Command, the next step is to download software on to your Android device. You will download and install 2 apps on the Android, The Neon Location Service and The Mapper App.



 At this time you should have the Neon Location Service and Mapper app downloaded and installed. The Neon Location Service will not be displayed in the apps list since it is a service.


The next step is to login to the Mapper app. The login screen will be displayed when you start up the Mapper app. Logging in here allow you to access our cloud storage. You need access to cloud storage to download your building outlines, references, and to view other peoples locations.



You have now downloaded, installed, and signed in to all of the software required to use the Neon Mapper App.


Next, you'll want to create a building outline.

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