What is the file size of environment data stored on the Android?


Environment data is stored on the NEON cloud service and downloaded onto the Android device when a user starts up an app, or if the user taps the synchronize button. 

Environment data includes: building outlines, floor heights, floor plans, and pre-mapped building features. 

Environment data size on the Android device is dominated by floor plans. Floor plans are generally 100kB-500kB, but larger convention centers may require 5MB or larger to have sufficient resolution to display to end users.

Pre-mapped building features created by running NEON Mapper are generally <2MB for a standard size office building, but a user mapping a larger space for the duration of an 8 hour shift could create a 15MB log file. These maps can be uploaded to the NEON cloud service at the user's request, or the user can pull the logs from the phone manually at a later time.

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