What URLs and port numbers do I need to allow through the firewall?

Sarah Blaszak -

URL Port
https://neon.trxsystems.com 443
https://support.trxsystems.com 443
https://server.arcgisonline.com 443
https://elevation3d.arcgis.com 443
https://places.cit.api.here.com 443
https://play.google.com 443
https://accounts.google.com 443
https://neonpro.e1.loginrocket.com 443
https://trxlogs.azurewebsites.net 443
http://tile.stamen.com 80
Note:  Google login also requires a short lived server socket on an ephemeral port to be hosted by the application to retrieve an access token from the browser. This should not affect firewall rules except on the local computer, as this traffic does not leave the machine.
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