RECO Beacon Configuration

1) Register your beacons at
- This will give you the passcode needed to configure the beacon
2) Download their configuration app from and then install on your smartphone. 
- Currently this app is not available on Google Play Store or iTunes.
3)With the beacon(s) nearby, launch the RECO app and scan for beacons
- This scan will continue to update until you stop the scan. 
4)In the app find the serial number of the beacon to configure and select this beacon. 
- Also locate the same beacon in your list of registered beacons on the RECO website because you will need the associated passcode to edit it
5)In the app select "Tx Power" and adjust the slider to 0dB.
- You can adjust the interval first if you prefer
6)Select "Edit" and enter the passcode for your beacon. Before you hit "Done", copy your passcode to the clip board. Select "Done".
- This edit will mostly likely fail.
7) Wait ~2 seconds, then select "Edit" again. Quickly paste you passcode and select "done".
- This edit should succeed this time. If it doesn't repeat this step a few times until it does.
8) Once the edit has succeed, return to the list of beacon properties.
9) Select "Interval", then slide the interval to "546.25ms". Select "Edit" to confirm the change and it will succeed now that the passcode has already been accepted. 
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