Bluetooth connection between Tracking Unit and Android

  1. Verify that you can manually pair the tracker and the Android
      • Navigate to Bluetooth settings page on Android
      • Turn on the tracking unit (top LED should blink green)
      • On Android scan for nearby devices
      • Select TRX_XXXX where XXXX is the serial number of your tracking unit.
      • You might get a pairing notification. If so, accept pairing request.
      • Your tracking unit should now be listed under the Androids paired device list. The tracking unit becomes available to the Neon Location service as soon as it is paired to the Android.
      • At this point, your tracking unit should be on and top LED should be blinking green

  2. Verify that you have the correct tracking unit selected in Neon Location Settings
    • Open Neon Personnel Tracker app
    • Click on the menu button (3 dots in upper right corner) and select Location Settings.
    • Disable tracking if it is enabled.
    • Tap on "Tracking Unit"
    • Select your tracking unit
    • Enable Tracking
    • Now the Android will attempt to connect to the Tracking Unit. You may get a notification to allow the Android to pair to the tracking unit. If you do, accept the pairing request.
    • When the tracking unit is connected the top LED will blink blue and the Android will have a notification showing the Tracking Units battery status and Firmware version.


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