How do I create a building outline for a building that does not exist on the base maps?

Sarah Blaszak -

You might find yourself in a situation where a new building is not visible on Here maps. This makes it nearly impossible to sketch out the building outline. To work around this issue you can use Google maps and waypoints to create land marks to help sketch the building outline. This example will show how to map the Home2 Suites by Hilton hotel in Champagne, IL, USA. As you can see in the image below the building is not visible in the HERE maps satellite imagery, but it is visible in Google maps.

What you will need:

- Neon Command software

- Access to


  1. Turn on Google satellite layer and find your building.

  2. On Google maps, click on one of the corners of the building outline. This will create a pin icon and you will see a text box at the bottom with coordinates for the pin.

  3. Click on the coordinates in the text box. This will open the left sidebar and the coordinates are now easy to copy/paste.

  4. Create a waypoint in Neon Command. Open the references tab then click on the Add button. From the drop down menu select "Waypoint". Name it 1 and click on Add.

  5. Drag and drop the waypoint from the references sidebar onto the map arbitrarily.

  6. In the references sidebar, right click on waypoint 1 and select "Edit Location".

  7. Copy and paste the latitude and longitude values into the edit box and click ok.

  8. Your waypoint is now located in the correct location.

  9. Repeat this process for each corner of the building. Name the next waypoint "2".

  10. Use the Create Outline tool to create a shapefile based off of the waypoints.




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