Beacon and Anchor Placement with Android


This beacon placement is a new feature introduced in NEON version 9.22. This feature allows you to scan for nearby BLE signals and then set them in NEON Mapper. The scanned BLE beacons and TRX anchors are arranged by their proximity which will allow you to easily place the nearest one.


1. While using NEON Mapper, press the BLE icon. This icon can be found in the toolbar at the top of the app, as indicated by the blue circle in the image below. 


2. After pressing the BLE icon, the app will scan for nearby BLE devices for 5 seconds. During this time, it is important not to move from your current location as it could skew the results.


3. Once Mapper has finished scanning, it will display the results in an ordered list. The list is ordered by proximity (Immediate, Near, or Far), and it includes BLE Beacons and TRX Anchors. If you change location, press the "scan again" button to generate a new list of nearby devices.

To proceed, select the beacon or anchor that you want to place.


4. After the selecting your beacon, set its location on the map. Move the map to align the BLE icon with its real-world location. While placing the BLE icon, previously placed beacons will appear faded. Once the icon is in the correct location, press the check mark in the top right of the screen to finish.



Best Practices

  • Use choke-points. Placing an anchor at a choke-point will help to make sure users get good ranges to it as they walk past.
  • Place anchors about hip level.  Because we recommend that tracking units be worn on your belt or mounted to your torso, placing anchors about hip level will minimize vertical distances when ranging between anchor and tracking unit.
  • Place anchors near a power source. If you intend to leave the anchor for an extended period of time, you can plug them in so that you don’t have to recharge them between uses.
  • Use identifiable locations. It is important that beacons are placed accurately. Using identifiable locations will make it easier to correct place the icon in Mapper
  • Make sure the anchors are firmly placed. Once the anchor is set in place, they should not move. If an anchor is moved, NEON could solve your location incorrectly. If an anchor does need to be moved after you place it, just be sure to update its position in NEON Command.
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