Building Editor Updates


Building Creation

Start the building creation tool by clicking on Tools > Create Building or right click on the map and select Create Building. You will see several additional UI elements. 

  • The Building Editor Toolbox floating on the top left portion of the window.
  • The Coordinate Reference Table along the bottom of the window.
  • The Mouse Coordinate Label following the user’s cursor.

Click the corner points along the outline of the building to create it.  If a mistake is made, Undo and Redo functionality is available on the Toolbox, or via the CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y hotkeys. Finish outline creation by clicking the “Apply” button on the Toolbox, or by pressing the “Enter” key.  If the user wishes instead to cancel building creation they can press the “Cancel” button on the Toolbox, or press the “Esc” key on their keyboard.

Outline creation by default has a 15 degree angle snap enabled, that snap point placement to form clean angles to the previously placed line segment.  This can be disabled via a toggle box on the Editor Toolbox Tool window

Upon creation of the initial building outline, a dialog will pop up for entering building information.


Building Details

The building details dialog allows building information such as the name, number of floors, number of basements, and the labels for aforementioned floors to be edited.


Building Editor Toolbox

The building editor toolbox contains all the various tools used to edit a building.

The following buttons make up the top row, from left to right: “Edit Building Details”, “Save”, “Cancel”, “Delete”, “Undo”, and “Redo”.

  • “Edit Building Details” brings up the Building Details window.
  • “Save” will end the editing session and persist all changes.
  • “Cancel” will end the editing session without saving any changes.
  • “Delete” will delete the building from the user’s subscription, and end the editing session.

The second row contains tools for modifying the current floors outline, from left to right they are “Add Polygon”, “Edit Polygon”, “Cut Polygon”, “Copy to other Floors”, and “Edit Vertices”.

  • “Add Polygon” allows a user to select additional area to be part of the building floor.  It is not     required to overlap existing areas
  • “Edit Polygon” allows the user to scale, rotate, or translate the outline as a whole.
  • “Cut Polygon” allows a user to select an area to remove from the building floor.
  • “Copy to other Floors” applies the current floors outline to additional floors as selected.
  • “Edit Vertices” allows for fine tuned editing of a floor by translating, adding or removing individual corners.

The third row contains tools for setting or modifying the current floors Floorplan.  From left to right they are “Add Floorplan”, “Edit Floorplan”, “Edit Floorplan with Control Points”, and “Remove Floorplan”. 

  • “Add Floorplan” allows the user to select an image to use as a floorplan and places it on the outline.
  • “Edit Floorplan” allows the user to scale, rotate, or translate the floorplan.
  • “Edit Floorplan with Control Points” allows the user to identify points on the image, and their corresponding points on the map, to create a best fit of the image.
  • “Remove Floorplan” removes the floorplan from the current floor


Editor Tools

Upon entering one of the various editor tool options, an expansion to the Editor Toolbox will appear, detailing light instructions, and showing any modifiers or toggles available.  As well as containing the Apply and Cancel buttons for any changes made during the usage of the tool.  Modifiers will light up when the appropriate key is pressed and held.  Toggles will have a checkbox for enabling or disabling.


Edit Outline / Edit Floorplan

The “Edit Outline” and “Edit Floorplan” tools work in a similar manner, they add a rectangular area around the object.  On that area, there are several handles that can be interacted with.

  • The Scaling handles can be dragged around to scale the outline or floorplan appropriately. Scaling has two modes; locked aspect ratio and unlocked aspect ratio, which is controlled by the shift modifier key.
  • The Rotate handle can be dragged to rotate the outline or floorplan around the Rotate Pivot.
  • The area itself can be dragged to translate the floorplan or outline.


Edit Floorplan with Control Points

The “Edit Floorplan with Control Points” tool splits the Window into two screens.  The left half is the familiar map visualizer, and the right half is a viewer for the Floorplan image.  This tool allows the user to click points on both the Global map, and the Image, in order for the software to fit the image to those constrained point associations as best as it can.

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