Getting Started with NEON Mapper



  • You have created a NEON account
  • You have downloaded and installed NEON Mapper
  • You have paired and connected to your Tracking Unit

You Will Learn: 

  • How to initialize your location and Start Mapping
  • How to map a discovered feature 
  • How to map an existing feature
  • How to deal with a floor notification
  • How to map a beacon
  • How to validate your map
  • How to upload your map

Initialize Your Location and Start Mapping: 

  1. Open the NEON Mapper app on the Android device and turn on the Tracking Unit. 
         - If you have already paired to your Tracking Unit once, it will automatically reconnect. 
         - The red circle disappears when the Tracking Unit is connected. 
         - If the Tracking Unit does not connect, follow this troubleshooting guide.


  2. Attach the Tracking Unit to your waist using the belt clip. 
  3. Find the building that you want to map: 
         - Press the search icon in the top bar. An input text field will appear. 
         - Enter the address of the building that you want to map. 
         - The building that you created in NEON Command will appear on the map.  
         - If the building does not appear, press the synchronize button. 
  4. Select the building by long pressing it. 
         - The building will turn white and the floor plans will appear.


  5. Select the floor that you are currently on using the floor selector on the left of the screen. 
  6. Check-in at your current location. You may need to walk to an easily identifiable location such as the end of a hallway or a doorway if you are unable to precisely find your true location on the floor plan. 
         - Press the check-in icon


         - Move the map to place the green marker at your current location. Zoom in. 


         - Press the green checkmark button to complete the check-in. 
         - Your location estimate and error bounds will update. 


  7. Walk straight at least 10 meters and perform another check-in. 
         - It is expected that your location estimate will move in a random direction. 
         - Repeat this step until the Nav Lock Indicator displays a four-bar lock. 


  8. Press the green play button to begin recording features. 
         - Gray dots will appear on the screen to show where you have walked. 


Map Discovered and Existing Features: 

  1. Walk a feature. 
  2. Once you exit the feature and walk about five meters, a feature notification will appear at the bottom of the screen.


  3. Tap the feature notification. 
         - If the feature was added in NEON Command select from the available options. 


         - If the feature was not added in NEON Command select "Discard" or "Place" 


  4. If you selected "PLACE NEW", you can now move the feature using the control points and the rotate bar and tap the select button.


  5. If you selected "SELECT EXISTING", you can now select an existing feature by tapping on it. 


Floor Notifications: 

  1. When you move to a new floor, you will see a floor notification at the bottom of the screen. 


  2. Stop walking and tap the floor icon.
  3. Select the floor that you are actually on and press "OK". You may need to select a different floor using the drop down menu. 


Map a Beacon: 

  1. Place the beacon ahead of time using double-sided tape. 
  2. Walk up to the beacon and open the bottom tray. 


  3. Press the "Place a Beacon" button. 
  4. Wait for the beacon list to populate. 


  5. Select the beacon with the correct ID.
  6. Move the pin into the correct place.


  7. Press the check button to place it. 


Validate Your Map: 

  1. Once you walk all of your features you can validate them to ensure you are getting corrected to them.
  2. Press the stop button. 
  3. Select Validate Map. 
  4. Walk around beacons and features. 
  5. Beacon and features will display a red circle when you are actively getting corrections from them. 

Upload Your Map: 

  1. Once you have completed validating your map you can submit the feature map to the cloud where it will be merged with all other feature maps for that building.
  2.  Press the stop button.
  3. Press the upload button. 
         - (Optional) Press the check mark at the bottom to submit your .nav log. 




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