Manually Download a Signal Map File


You might need to manually download signal map files from the Android smartphone if you are working in an area with poor wifi or cell coverage and are unable to upload the file to our cloud storage. 


Signal map files are located in the following folder: Computer\[Phone Name]\Phone\NeonSignalMaps

Files are named with a time stamp in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD - HH_MM_SS.sigmap


To download a signal map from an Android smart phone:

1. Connect the phone to a computer.

2. When the Windows AutoPlay menu pops up select "Open device to view files". If the Windows AutoPlay menu does not pop up then visit the phone manufacturer webpage and download the appropriate drivers.

3. Navigate to: Phone\NeonSignalMaps

4. Copy and paste the desired file from the phone to your desktop.


Now that you have the file stored locally, you can open the file in Neon Command by clicking on Signal Mapping -> Open -> Open from file.

*If the files are not visible in Phone\NeonSignalMaps, you may have to use a third party tool to access the files. See this article for instructions.




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